Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the FISV Executive Council and of all the Organisers, I am glad to invite you to the forthcoming Scientific Meeting to be held in Riva del Garda, 23-25 September. The Programme is now on the FISV site, and I hope you will take a few minutes to look at all of it.

As many of you know, in September 2008 the Executive Board set up an ad hoc Committee with the task to conduct an in depth review of the structure of our annual meeting, with the aim not only to uphold its traditional scientific vigor, but also to make it more attractive and more cost-effective.

In November 2008 the Committee submitted a comprehensive report, which was highly praised and adopted for implementation by the Executive Council. The main specific recommendations in the report were as follows:

  1. A Programme Committee would be in charge of preparing the Congress Programme, even tough this must be still finally approved by the Executive Council.
  2. The Congress should be shorter, so that it would cost less in time and money (and time is money).
  3. The Poster presentations should be strengthened.
  4. Parallel sessions would have to be decreased in order to favor Poster sessions and Plenary Symposia within the shorter overall time available.
  5. The Society time should continue to give each individual Society an opportunity to arrange an extra scientific event and/or their business meeting.

The FISV 2009 Programme reflects these recommendations and of course we hope you will like the result. It had been already anticipated that naturally Charles Darwin would loom large: two plenary Symposia (on Wednesday and Thursday) will celebrate his 200th birthday, and they will be introduced by a Special Lecture to be given by Luca Cavalli Sforza.

There will be two poster sessions (each one with one-half of the posters), lasting 2.5 hours each; the posters will be arranged in sections on 27 themes, and there will be an opportunity for mini-presentations of the poster highlights (and also an opportunity to win prizes!). On Friday there will be four parallel Symposia on most interesting topics, and a plenary Symposium on complexity of eukaryotes and RNA splicing: on a related topic a keynote lecture will be given by Glauco Tocchini Valentini.

The final scientific events on Friday afternoon will be a FISV Guest Lecture by Nobel laureate Harald zur Hausen; while the EMBO lecture will be delivered by Paolo Sassone Corsi.

I thank all those who have selflessly contributed to preparing this programme: the membership of the ad hoc Committee and of the Programme Committee are listed below.

As you know, over the last several years we have witnessed a negative trend in attendance. I especially hope to see you in Riva in September when, in spite of the current crisis in the country, and against all odds, we want to reverse that trend and to show that Life Sciences are not giving up!

Lucio Luzzatto
Federazione Italiana Scienze della Vita
Italian Federation of Life Sciences



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